Laser Hair Removal

We offer you the most effective hair removal treatment with Alexandrite Lasers

Laser hair removal is the most modern and effective method to get rid of unwanted hair all over the body.

The laser light beam is selectively absorbed only by the melanin of the hair root and thus causes thermal necrosis of its bulb in fractions of a second, without damaging the surrounding skin.

This process takes less than a quarter of a second on each hair.

During the first treatment, all hairs that are in the regeneration phase are affected, while those that are in a later phase of the life cycle re-grow normally.

For this reason, it is necessary to carry out repeated treatments, between which a period of a few months should pass in order to achieve the desired result.

At our Medical Centers, unwanted hair growth is effectively treated using the latest generation Alexandrite Laser GentleLase Pro /MAX system, which is also the most effective hair removal laser that has the strictest safety and quality standards.

Medical reasons that require Laser Hair Removal.

Laser hair removal is usually done for aesthetic reasons. But there are also medical reasons that require laser hair removal.

  • Folliculitis
  • Irritations or dermatitis through wax, depilatory creams
  • Intense hair growth on unwanted areas
  • History of papillomas or warts
  • History of coccyx cyst.

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Right after the treatment, we always apply our Soulshan Panthenol Aloe cream which immediately offers skin comfort. Preferably, avoid hot baths and sun exposure until the next day. 

Each case differs. Depends on the hair growth volume and intensity.

May appear a bit of redness right after the treatment. Applying Soulshan Panthenol Aloe cream will offer your immidiate comfort.

Hair fall-out starts between 5 to 14 days. It depends on the hair type.

A re-check session might be necessary after 10 days for people treated for the first time. Normally, the sessions must be done once a month or depending on the hair growth. 

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