GentleYag Laser

GentleYag® laser vein removal uses a laser beam applied along the spider vein. Laser energy causes the spider veins to coagulate and shrink.

GentleYAG Laser features multiple handpieces capable of treating the most sought-after cosmetic conditions on all skin types and is also effective on darker skin. GentleYag Laser treatment is a procedure that uses laser light to effectively and safely treat wrinkles and facial and body veins caused by aging or exposure to sunlight. Dermatologists also use it for dark hair removal. 

GentleYag Laser can effectively treat:

• Rosacea

• Facial Veins

• Beard Bumps

• Leg Veins

• Nail Fungus


Laser leg vein treatment is a great solution for women and men with unwanted leg veins. Laser leg vein treatment helps diminish the appearance of certain types of leg veins including spider and reticular veins with no incisions, no downtime recovery after sessions, and minimal discomfort.

Leg veins are common for women and men of every age. They can be caused by hormones, weight changes, pregnancy, genetics, injury, and lifestyle. Regardless of when and how your leg veins and spider veins appeared, laser leg vein treatment can reduce the look of unwanted veins so you can stop hiding your legs.

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Mild redness will disappear within a few days.

Few minutes, depending always on the case and the treated area.

Mild redness may appear right after the treatment. Use Soulshan Panthenol Aloe cream to help regenerate and calm the skin.

After the treatment, the results are not visible. It takes from 2 weeks to 6 weeks (on average) to see the final results. Veins will change color, from dark blue to red, and right after will disappear. 

GentleYag Laser offers one of the safest laser technologies for any skin type.

With GentleYag Laser the skin colour is not an issue. Darker and lighter skin can be treated.

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