HIFU ultrasound

A non-invasive facelift, that is designed to tackle various facial imperfections, without any surgery. In our Medical Centers, we offer this non-surgical facelift. Learn more about its procedure and benefits or schedule an appointment.

HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is a non-surgical and non-invasive facelift technique. Unlike a surgical facelift procedure, these non-surgical procedures HIFU do not necessitate big incisions or an overnight stay in the hospital. Patients can be done with the treatment quickly with minimum irritation and recovery time thanks to the non-invasive technique. Although you won’t be “going under the knife,” a non-invasive facelift can nevertheless provide considerable anti-aging benefits.

Non-surgical facelift is customized to the patient’s specific requirements. Fine lines, deeper creases, slack skin, lips wrinkles, sunken cheeks, big pores, acne scarring, and the loss of facial volume can all be addressed with HIFU. It is most effective on the lower part of the face and jawline.

Our Medical Centers provide an unparalleled and frequently exclusive array of cosmetic solutions by combining in-depth anatomical knowledge with competence in the latest non-invasive aesthetic therapies. As a center of excellence, we have a history of pioneering new and exclusive treatments to help our patients reach their aesthetic goals.


Non-surgical techniques such as HIFU Facelift Treatment are quite successful at:

  • Deep grooves and wrinkles
  • facial volume reduction improvement in skin tone, and texture
  • No recovery time
  • Long-lasting results
  • Non-invasive
  • Minimum discomfort

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In general, the recuperation time is much shorter. Some methods allow you to return to work the same day and there are lesser to no lingering side effects.

Many non-invasive treatments can be completed in under an hour. These procedures do not take longer hours as compared to the surgical methods. It is well known as a “lunch break treatment”

Nonsurgical cosmetology has fewer dangers because it does not require general anaesthesia or big incisions.

For at least a few hours after the procedure, you may experience discomfort. Bruising is unlikely to occur but if that happens it can be more visible around the jawline area and cheeks, It will disappear within 3-5 days.

HIFU Facelift Treatment can last longer if you take proper care of your skin using high-quality skincare products and suncare. The majority of these procedures focus on skin volume and texture. Take care of your skin’s quality by utilizing our medical-grade skincare products.

This procedure is suitable for everyone who wants to tighten their skin and rejuvenate their face. Age is not a factor. Even younger men and women can choose it because it is a simple treatment.

HIFU is safe when performed by a well-trained and experienced specialist. Each of the products we use has been thoroughly tested.

These treatments are completely risk-free and have no negative effects. Only pregnant ladies and those with a pacemaker or implanted devices in the treatment area should avoid this treatment.

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