It is a method of shaping and reshaping the proportions of the body, which is achieved by combining aerobic exercise and specifically walking on a fitness treadmill and a vacuum chamber, inside which is the treadmill and also our body from the waist down. (Available only in Nicosia)

The creation of negative pressure conditions in combination with aerobic exercise results in our body sending large amounts of blood to the “problematic” areas. That is, in the areas where their tissues do not get enough blood and that is exactly why fat deposits or even cellulite have been created. More specifically:

Aerobic exercise enhances the burning of fatty acids in the muscles, giving the start to the fat burning process.

Then, the creation of hypostatic conditions (negative pressure) “directs” the burning of fat to the desired points.
During movement, negative pressure affects the skin with a regular frequency, which increases and accelerates the circulation of lymph in the body.

The lymphatic system is very close to the surface of the skin. The dysfunction of this system leads to insufficient blood circulation and the accumulation of residues in our body in various areas, resulting in the creation of cellulite and “buns” or otherwise local fat in both women and men. The combination of the above three parameters results in the fatty acids being transported through the arteries directly to the muscles, where they are completely converted into kinetic energy (“burned”).

The VacuPower offers a double comparative benefit to our bodies. On the one hand, it increases the resistance to movement, i.e. walking by 30-40%, and on the other hand, it stimulates lymph circulation. The difference between the VacuPower method, compared to any aerobic exercise, is the decongestion and ultimately strengthening of the lymphatic system, mobilizing fatty acids into the bloodstream from its own fat stores.

From the 1st session, you will feel especially energized and boosted, in the 3rd session you will have a noticeable difference in cellulite, in the 6th session unnecessary points will have been removed from your abdomen and hips, in the 12th session you will have to say goodbye to some of your clothes!

*This treatment is available only in Nicosia for the moment*

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After the session, you might feel muscle soreness and fatigue, especially if you are not in good physical condition. 

30-minute session, 2-3 times per week.

Following a four-week plan, you can achieve to lose 40cm of points and improve your cellulite visibly. Of course, this statement is subjective because other variables are playing roles, like the diet and the general lifestyle of the individual.

You should complete a minimum of 2 times per week sessions. Recommended is 3 times per week for better results.

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