Lumenis® ResurFX

Lumenis ResurFX is the latest development in fractional technology and treats sagging skin, and other issues on the face, neck, and décolleté.

The fractional laser is a very advanced tool that can make your face look younger and fresher. It can work at different levels depending on how much improvement you want.

By stimulating the fibroblasts in the dermis layer, you cause collagen reproduction and thus thickening of this particular layer, due to the production of a greater amount of collagen and elastin, showing a homogeneous, thicker, more elastic, and firmer skin. This result is achieved when the laser can reach up to the dermis layer. This action causes regeneration and tightens the skin, resulting in the improvement of aged skin.

This specific treatment also improves dull skin, enlarged pores, and overall skin roughness, as well as fine wrinkles, contributing significantly to facial rejuvenation and antiaging. But where it has to offer the most important help is in the significant improvement or elimination of scars, and acne scars. 

Additionally, Fractional laser treatment is used to treat pigmentation and signs of photoaging on the skin.

The laser treatment will remove the dark spots and pigmentation on the skin permanently. It will directly focus on the spots and make them fade away completely. After a complete session of treatments, depending on the skin’s needs, and the right home care, dark spots and pigmentation will be removed permanently from your skin! 

Fractional lasers are made to help the healing process faster and minimize the chances of side effects. 

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Your skin may peel between 2-7 days after treatment. The exact healing time varies from person to person and depends on the intensity of the treatment.

The time it takes to do the treatment depends on the area we want to treat. Usually, it takes two hours or less for the whole face. This includes 30 minutes of numbing cream application before starting the treatment and in some cases, a cleansing facial is required before the treatment.

We ensure that our patients are comfortable throughout the whole procedure, so we use numbing cream to avoid any discomfort.

Lumenis ResurFX has a special program for all skin tones and types. So the treatment is available for any skin and tone type.

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