We offer a wide range of anti-aging, reconstruction, and skin rejuvenation treatments, from which you will choose the suitable one for your needs.

PRP Plasma Therapy

Anti-aging / Hair Strengthening


Skin Care & Renewal, Acne scars

OMNILUX Photodynamic Therapy System

Anti-aging / Acne



Mesotherapy / Mesobotox / PDRN

Against scars & other imperfections, and skin boosters

HA Fillers

Anti-aging, Lips & Nose correction within minutes

GentleYag Laser

Laser Solution for Spider Veins and more!

Medical Deep Cleansing

Skin Care & Renewal

Fractional Laser

Wrinkles, Acne scars, Sagging skin, Stretch marks

HIFU ultrasound

Lifting with non-surgical process

Thread Lifting

Anti-aging, Instant Lifting Effect

Ultrasound RF

Skin tightening, Collagen & Elastin reproduction

Lumenis® ResurFX

Acne / Spots-Discoloration, Melasma

Chemical or Botanical Peelings

Dark Spots, Melasma & Pigmentation


Skin Renewal & Deep Hydration

Carboxy Therapy

Rejuvenation, dark circles & tired eyes

Cryolaser Vitacontrol

Extend your therapy results with a professional home care product