GentleYag Laser

Laser solution for spider veins, dark spots, and so more!

The GentleYAG Laser system is a more recently developed treatment system that has proven to be very effective for a range of conditions like pigmentation, and spider veins. Laser treatments have been safely used for years, but this cutting-edge method brings some new advantages for the patient.

The process includes a patented cooling system, developed to prepare the skin for treatment. It sprays the upper layer of the skin with a burst of cooling cryogen (a substance that produces very low temperatures). This cooling factor makes the treatment more comfortable for the patient.

The GentleYAG Laser system is effective for conditions, including spider veins, acne scars, and age spots, and as a non-surgical method to tighten loose skin. The fact that this laser treatment is faster and less painful makes it a favorite for many of the patients we treat in our clinics.

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Patients may return to their normal activities immediately after treatments

Depends on the treated area and the case. Overall, is not a time-consuming treatment

The Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) handpiece delivers bursts of cryogen gas before and after each laser pulse, to maintain a consistent and comfortable skin temperature during treatment.

An average of three treatments will be required at three-month intervals to produce desired results. Combination therapy can be considered beneficial if you have small, medium, and large spider veins

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