PRX-T33 is a biorevitalization painless peel that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. The treatment is designed to revitalize the skin leaving it plump, tightened, and glowing.


What is unique about this treatment is that it has a very small amount of hydrogen peroxide added to it to take the TCA past the epidermis, straight to the dermis, which is why your skin does not peel off. Another active ingredient in it is kojic acid, which is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and has the ability to act as a UV protector, as well as a hyperpigmentation suppressor. 

Best of all, this particular peel can be used on any skin type and it is painless! 

It gives you tight and bright skin that is visible right away the treatment. Also, it reduces pores and it leaves your skin lifted, and radiant, with no recovery downtime.  Each case differs, so the number of sessions needed depends on the skin type and condition, and on the desired results.


  • No needles
  • Painless
  • No peeling
  • Your social life is not affected
  • Non-photosensitizing, it can also be used during the summer months

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There might be mild redness in the treated area. Keep your skin out of sun exposure. Take your home care products that our expert will suggest to you and use them for at least 1 week

The whole treatment procedure is totally painless and there is not any discomfort

PRX treatment can be repeated after 1 week. Based on your skin condition and desired results, is suggested to repeat the treatment

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